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I don't know if this is going to be my last posting on here or what, but I finally got off my ass and made a proper music blog. About fucking time, eh?

for those with glasses and/or impaired click ability:


At this point, my friend Jared and I are the primary contributors, but if you're interested in doing 2-3 entries a week on interesting topics related to music, fuckin', and assplay, by all means hit me up.

I don't know what this has to do with anything...

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seriously WEIRD baseball shit
I'm not trying to fuel a conspiracy theory here, but it's pretty odd timing that Torii Hunter got beaned in the fucking FACE after getting formally investigated for sending four bottles of champagne to the Royals.

Gotta love baseball drama!

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Seattle EMP Simon Reynolds business
Snagged from Simon Reynolds' blog:

"Tomorrow I head off to Seattle for the EMP Pop conference which takes place this (long) weekend. On Friday afternoon I'm doing a talk entitled Just 4 U London: Place and Race in UK Dance Culture from Rave to Grime (actually it extends all the way up to dubstep.... gonna play some fun London themed records from the length and breadth of the nuum). I went to the first EMP in 2001 was it and this year's looks to be just as fantastic as that one. So many fascinating-looking talks and panels (often clashing with each other causing much anguish--most frustratingly the panel I'm on is the same time slot as the one with Stelfox & friend discussing chopped-and-screwed music/culture AND another panel which includes Matos talking about students with their Bob Marley posters, two of the talks I'd most wanted to witness*). So if you live in Seattle and read this blog and are somehow unaware of EMP (inconceivable, surely) do come along, I think the conference is actually free this year."

fucking sweet! I'm definitely going :)

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kneejerk reaction #9483094830294823
After reading about yesterday's Virginia Tech Massacre, I'm struck by how tragedies of this nature end up turning into a springboard for the gun control debate.

It's seriously fucking retarded because the argument has no chance for resolution. If laws were more lax, perhaps students would've had guns to combat the aggressor. But if laws were more strict, perhaps the shooter might have thought twice about obtaining weapons. Blah blah blah, whatever. It's all ridiculous political fingercuffing.

Events like this fall into a much greater, far more troubling trend than anything the gun control debate can muster. Like... how did this troubled kid slip through the cracks for so long? How could roommates, teachers, and school officials have had supposedly no inkling of the brutality Cho Seung-Hui was capable of? Dude was an english major for crying out loud. Didn't anyone ever really read his writing???

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el coco - brazil
I'm starting a reoccurring series of posts now that my ol' buddy Ryan is living in Minneapolis. I dunno what the name will be... maybe "LeTTeRZ 2 RyAN" or some shit... but the point is to share the stuff I've been listening to. Hopefully, he'll do the same *cough*, because I always discover great things from him, like To Live and Shave in LA.

The first selection is El Coco's "Brazil", which is one of the scariest, most mind-numbing disco albums I've ever heard.

dude is actually stabbing that women...

Opening with the tom-roll slasher "Caravan", it doesn't take a genius to conclude that El Coco is making deeply perverse music. Sure, the corny synth melodies and mellotron strings sound like Martini music for aging hipsters, but it's all just a front. There's a latent malice here; it's the sort of music you hack many, many bodies up to.

By far the most disgusting track on the album is "Disco Carnival". You can almost feel your mind being reprogrammed to kill without mercy underneath all the joyous organ jamming. When the main melody kicks in, think "speed junkie mother from the 50's trying in earnest to apply lipstick". IF you can make it to the end, be warned: the first time I finished listening to this song, all the doors in my house simultaneously SHUT. Was my home cleansed of evil forces? If only my dream catcher could speak...

Anyway, I believe "Brazil" is an important album if only because it makes sense of the 70s Nazi-eske "Disco Sucks" campaign. As it turns out, the rock kids were right. Disco was too functional. It's function was to kill.

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holy shit
FDA Advisory Board says...


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ghosts of my life
Simon Reynolds, K-Punk, and (soon) the rest of those blogger dudes are flipping out over the new Rufige Kru album "Malice in Wonderland", and I feel incredibly conflicted over it.

this cover is kind of awesome

I spent a great portion of 2000-2002 utterly depressed from reading Simon Reynold's constant drum'n'bass disses. To him, everything was wrong about the music--the drums, the bass, the soundscapes, fuck... everything. So I turned to the past to avoid reality, morphing my love for '93-era breakbeat hardcore into an outright obsession. It was stupid, too. I bet I spent thousands of dollars on dusty old records that sounded like complete shit just to quell this collector urge. I remember seeing Ghost World around that time, and completely relating to Steve Buscemi's absurd blues record fetish.

In the end, I gave up on all of it. It was too heartbreaking to realize this particular year in history had produced music that I thought was absolutely perfect. And it would never be repeated again.

Now, when I sit here reading about how Goldie and his new producer, Heist, are making shit that isn't straight up revivalism, but rather a "drawing of old powers", I can't help but be weary. This music is incredibly personal to me, and I'm sure, many others. To stick an album like this is the hype machine is irresponsible. That old 'sleeping with an ex' metaphor is especially apt in this case.

I mean, shit... did anyone ever really get over drum'n'bass?

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Dendreon's Date with Destiny?
I found a great piece about the company I work for, Dendreon, which might provide another reason why I've been such a fucking NUT on this journal lately. Check it out maaaaaan.

For the click-lazy, the article spells out the scary truth behind Dendreon's "one-trick pony" approach. Since all our chips have been put into the drug Provenge, if the FDA board says 'no' on March 29th, we're pretty much fucked. But if they say yes, our stock will skyrocket and things will get very, very insane.

All we can do is wait.

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coachella '07
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